Baby Shower Madness!!!!

To baby shower, or not to baby shower, that is the question…

Most people would probably agree that baby showers are necessary; they are a right of passage for a new mother (new parents), and allow the new addition to be celebrated. Showers also allow friends and family to give the new parents gifts and advice that would assist in the growth and development of the new baby. Some feel as if baby showers are a waste of energy and resources. Planning a party, spending money on food and decorations, and killing yourself with the set-up and clean-up so that other people can say that they supported you. Money can be spent on the items your new baby would need; the planning can go to thinking about feeding schedules, childcare, changes in work schedules, etc; and you should be saving your energy for cleaning up after your new baby (spit ups, diaper changes, drooling, the works).

I personally think baby showers — when planned correctly and for the right reasons — can be a great way to enjoy a little fun time with friends, family and co-workers before life changes drastically. I am currently debating whether I should have a baby shower or not, simply because my best friend lives 1,075 miles away and won’t be able to make it; my family is holding petty grudges against my boyfriend and I, and won’t attend; and I don’t have any other “real” friends that I would want to share the occasion with. I’m off to a great start, aren’t I?

Enough about my sad life, let’s get into some do’s and don’ts of baby shower planning.


1: Start planning several months in advance — you want to give yourself more than enough time to execute everything. There should be no last minute scrambling, especially if you start early and use your time wisely. My prospective shower date is at the end of April and I began making lists and coming up with concrete ideas at the beginning of this month.

2: Make a list…make lots of lists — having separate lists for the different aspects of your shower help with the execution of your ideas. A list for decorations, a list for potential shower games, and a guest list (and subsequent RSVP list) are probably the most important. Making lists will allow you to better visualize what you have from what you still need to get.

3: Ask for help — do not be ashamed to seek assistance, because planning any type of party can become nerve-wracking and overwhelming. Planning may seem like a lot at first, but once you get started it will be a breeze.

4: Do-It-Yourself projects — my personal favorite. Why spend tons of money on things that you can make yourself? I know everyone may not think of themselves as crafty, but with tools like Youtube, Pinterest, and Google, there is no shortage of material that can help you get those creative juices flowing. Start a search and let your imagination run wild


1: Stress about lack of planning and support — planning a baby shower should be fun and exciting, not stressful. If you are finding yourself stressed about the plans or lack of support during the planning process, take a step back and reevaluate why you are doing this. After gaining new perspective, you can slowly regain control of the planning.

2: Overspend on unnecessary items — this should be self-explanatory. Splurging on things that aren’t needed won’t make your party anymore of a success. Spend money on things you will need and things that can be reused.

3: Over-indulge on items that are more expensive vs cheaper items that you can upgrade (upcycle (DIY)) — this one ties into the previous don’t. Just because an item is more expensive, doesn’t make it better. It’s ok to buy styrofoam crowns and paint them gold rather than spending half your budget on actual gold crowns. Most people won’t notice the difference. Save your budget for things like purchasing extra food to make sure no one in attendance goes hungry.

Planning a baby shower (or any type of party) should not raise your blood pressure or send you searching for a straight-jacket. The entire process should be enjoyable and memorable for good reasons.

If you guys think I missed some things on my list, let me know. I’d love to hear your ideas for shower planning. Until next time…




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