Melanin Makes

February is finally here! I’m high-key excited about starting fresh in this new month; a chance to shake off the January blues and make better choices. I actually think February is the month where people actually make those necessary life changes, after failing horribly at their New Year’s resolutions. Lol.

Speaking of failed resolutions…I had decided to switch up my blog for the purposes of consistent content. I am building my business — handmade crochet apparel — and wanted to focus my blog around that. It was supposed to make it easier to write posts and update my blog on a more frequent basis; but I’ve been slacking because I let life get in the way. I’ve allowed myself to become so overwhelmed with the kids, work, baby daddy (he comes with his own set of drama), and starting a nonprofit with my sister that I’ve barely had to time to sit and breathe.

With all of that being said, I am officially over being lazy and I’m kicking it into high gear. For my GRAND OPENING, I will be having a 50% sale for everything listed (Ready to Ship) and for custom orders. Ready to Ship items are sold as is, meaning that whatever color or size you see is what you will receive. Custom orders will allow you to customize the item to your preference.

Discount Code: EXCLUSIVE50

Thank you guys for sticking with me through all of this, especially during my hiatuses. It is greatly appreciated. And as promised, there will be exclusive discounts just for you.




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