New Mom Life!

Hey guys.

Let me start this blog off by saying sorry for being M.I.A…..again. I’ve been having a hard time keeping a lot of commitments because I am still trying to adjust to my new life. I have a 3-month old baby at home, my 7-year old just started 2nd grade, I recently returned back to work, trying to give my all to this #breastfeedinglife, struggling to pump bottles for my baby girl to have while I’m at work, dealing with relationship drama, trying to avoid dealing with family drama, and trying to launch a handmade craft business while keeping up with my blogging. With all that said, I want to be the mom who does it all — no matter how unrealistic it may seem. I’ve been trying to work out the perfect schedule so that I can achieve numerous goals. I even purchased a planner from Target and started writing down all the things I needed to accomplish on a monthly basis. So far, I’ve gotten back on track with paying my bills. (Taking two months off from work for maternity leave wasn’t smart for financial reasons, but made all the difference when it came to bonding with my newborn.)

With all the new developments in my life, this blog is going to continue to be an ‘about everything’ platform. I will be using my experiences and everyday struggles to bring you guys more relatable posts. Thanks for sticking with me through all my constant ups and downs. I really appreciate you.




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