Same Blog, New Host.

Hey guys, Melanin here. It’s been a few weeks since my last post, the Domestic Violence PSA, and I wanted to give myself some time to cool after getting that off my chest. I realize that a lot of people don’t discuss domestic violence openly until it’s too late, so I wanted to share my story to possibly help someone going through it. Domestic violence isn’t always physical abuse, so read up on it and know the signs.

For today’s post, I just wanted to share that Dear Melanin is now being hosted by WordPress. As the title states, it’s still the same blog; we’ve just moved to a new home. I’m working out some kinks and customizing the blog (all over again) to suit my fancy. Hopefully, all of that will be worked out by the end of this week so that we can move forward peacefully. Lol.

I am gearing up to quit my job and be a full time homemaker. Super excited for this new chapter in my life and I look forward to sharing my successes and failures with you guys. I’m also working on my store website Melanin Makes. Hoping to launch that April 1st, but we all know things don’t always happen when we want them to.

For my loyal blog followers, check out my next post for a coupon code. It will probably be for free shipping or a percentage off your entire order. Until then, have the type of day you deserve.




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