Standardized Beauty — A Three-Part Blog Post

If you were to google search the standard measurements of a model, you would get the following:

  • height: 5’9″ or taller [average = 5 feet]
  • chest: 34″ [no real average due to breast augmentations, etc]
  • waist: 24″ [average = 30″]
  • hips: 34″ [average = 36″]

How many of us ‘real women’ fit into the above measurements? My guess, not many. The sample size above is not realistic, if you’re looking at it from a real world perspective.

Society puts the idea of beauty into a standardized box and expects everyone to conform to fit in or risk being shunned and shamed and shut out. Average sizes for women have been severely underrepresented. The media — be it social or otherwise — is controlled by the same people who believe in a singular definition of beauty. We are bombarded with images of one type of woman; It’s forced upon us as an end all, be all. Then we’re beaten to death by sales and promotions and mentions of products that will help us achieve the ‘accepted look’. The media seems to be telling us that we must fall into the standard that is set or else.

  • waist trainers/cinchers for that perfect, almost invisible waist
  • breast and butt implants (real and fake)
  • weaves and hair extensions because your natural hair isn’t good enough
  • lip injections because plumper lips are finally “in”
  • plastic surgery

All of these ways to alter your image are unnecessary, if you ask me. No one is perfect, no one will ever be perfect. The pursuit of fitting into society’s box will only cause more stress or more self-hate. We all have flaws…why can’t we embrace them?


As stated in the title, this blog will consist of three parts. Part 1 (above) is focused on the idea of standardized beauty. Part 2 will be about embracing your ‘flaws’. See you on my next post.




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