Happy First Day of Fall!!!!!!

It’s official. Fall {or Autumn as some people prefer to call it} is finally here! I absolutely adore this season, for several reasons. For one, the weather is so perfect. I hate Winter because it is too cold, hate Summer because it is too hot…and Spring, well, my hair and the rainy weather don’t mix. But Fall, it’s in the middle of everything. The sun is shining but there’s enough of a chill in the air to warrant a sweater or light jacket.

Reason two, HALLOWEEN! It’s my second favorite holiday; my birthday being my all-time favorite {it is totally a holiday}. I love dressing up with my kids and doing fun activities with them. I also love eating 95% of their candy. Haha. Third reason, I love Fall accessories. This time of year calls for all of the gorgeous and cozy scarfs, sweaters, leg warmers, etc. And using the right yarn will make these items uber warm and squishy.

Speaking of cozy, warm accessories…{nice segway right?} I’ve been busy designing 7 Fall items inspired by this amazing season. I wanted to drop all 7 at once, but things don’t always work out how we want. So today, I added the Sweet Autumn Cowl to my Ravelry shop; and over the next week, I will release the other 6 patterns.

Designing my own items was a big task for me, as I am so self-critical. Releasing these patterns to the world is causing me major anxiety, but I think I’ll be ok. The links below will take you to my Ravelry and my Etsy shop. Hope you enjoy.




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