I Lost My Cro-Jo

Hey guys. Hope all is well on your ends. For me, things have been really up in the air as of late. I’ve lost my cro-jo (crochet mojo)….again. I’ve been going through the motions, trying to type up patterns and sketch ideas; but can’t seem to finish anything. I have 2 confirmed craft shows that I should be preparing for, but I haven’t been able to pick up my hook in at least two weeks. AND IT SUCKS!!!

I suffer from depression and anxiety, and crocheting usually keeps me calm and level-headed. I could always grab a ball/cake/skein of yarn and get lost in a new project, forgetting all my insecurities and worries until my kid(s) remembered I existed.

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But recently, I’ve been so overwhelmed with thoughts of failure and other negativity that even my happy place doesn’t feel so happy anymore. To pull myself out of this funk, I’ve been pushing myself to plan and pre-prep as much as possible. When I’m able to pick up my hook again, I’ll be more than ready to bust out some WIPs and stay on track for my upcoming market debut.

Hopefully, this icky feeling ends soon so that I can get back to work. I miss my yarn!!




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