Sweet Autumn Fall Release: Straight Scarf

Hey everyone! Hope your September has been full of success and achievements (even if it’s just getting out of bed every morning, because that is major).

I’ve finally released another pattern from my Fall Collection. It’s the Sweet Autumn Straight Scarf. I created this scarf for the people — like me — who hate feeling constricted around their neck area. (I can’t wear turtlenecks; they drive me crazy). With the straight scarf, you get the same coziness but more control on where the scarf is placed.

The pattern is written for one size but explains how to adjust it to your preference. I have a great fondness for adjustable patterns, simply because I like my clothes and accessories to fit a certain way. Most times, patterns are written with the size in mind, forgetting the comfort and wearability. No two bodies are alike, so what’s comfortable for Person A may not work for Person B.

The cables in my Fall collection add a touch of texture and detail while allowing the item to remain simple. The pattern has been posted to my Ravelry and Etsy shops, you can access it using the links below.




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