Showering with My Toddler: A Fundamental Mom-cessity!!!

Hey guys. As you can tell from the title, this post is about mom necessities or mom-cessities as I like to call them. This will be the first of a series of posts geared towards moms and ways to make our lives easier.

I’ve recently gotten into a heated discussion about this topic with a group of moms, two of which agreed while the third disagreed so strongly, there was steam blowing out of her ears (see what I did there, lol). Now, we all agreed that mothers are the most over-worked and under-appreciated individuals on Earth. We all even agreed that mothers either need more hands, or more hours in our days to ensure that everything on our to-do lists got done. The disagreement began when one of the moms mentioned that she showers with her 1-year old to save time.

Mom #2 and I immediately started laughing as we both do the same. My youngest is 18 months and very attached to me. Showering with her just makes our bedtime ritual run more smoothly — less crying, less trips to the bathroom, more time for the inevitable “I’m not tired” song and dance before she actually falls asleep. Mom #3, on the other hand, couldn’t hide the disgust from her face. She started her explanation by stating that she didn’t intend to offend any of us with her opinion. She stated that showering with our children was just lazy and that as mothers, we should never be taking the easy way out.

Pausing the story for a second…don’t we all cut corners to maximize on time in some aspect of our lives? I mean, shortcuts to get somewhere faster are still a thing, right? Back to the discussion.

Mom #3 expressed that we were “stripping” our children of their innocence because we were “exposing” them to our adult body parts and our adult germs. And she made sure to emphasize the quoted words as if to insinuate that we were being inappropriate with our children. I was offended by her entire rant and proceeded to let her know why.

For starters, I grew this tiny human inside of my adult body. I gave birth to her and breastfed her (still do by the way). Half of her DNA comes from me. So exposing her to my adult body and adult germs are a non-factor. I am her teacher, her provider, and her role model; her first friend, her confidant, and her protector. As long as I am fulfilling these roles, keeping her safety in mind, then I’ve done my job correctly as her mother. For {you} to insinuate or clearly state anything different, tells me more about you and your thought process than it does me and mine.

Mom #3 apologized to the group for the way she stated her opinion. After taking a few moments to cool down, we all agreed to disagree and to move on from this touchy topic.

To wrap up this winded post, we are all entitled to our opinions and mom-shaming is so unnecessary. No two moms are raising their kids exactly the same and that is ok. Showering with my little one allows us to save time while getting ready for bed; and yes, my kids and I skip morning showers (unless absolutely necessary) so that we can get a few extra minutes of sleep. Judge me if you want to, but only if your family is perfect.

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The Boardwalk Beanie Pattern

Say hello to the Boardwalk Beanie, my latest design. It contains three of my favorite things — amazing texture, pom poms and a ribbed band.The beanie pictured was made with almost one whole ball of Caron Baby Cakes in Dreamy Mint. (I recently realized how addicted I am to Caron Cakes. I love being able to use multiple colors without having to attach new yarn and weave in multiple ends.)

The band pictured above measures about 15 inches, and the entire beanie is 7 inches tall (including band).

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To start your beanie, chain 9. Single crochet into the second chain from the hook and every chain across. You should have 8 single crochets. *Chain 1 and turn. Single crochet into the BLO — back-loop only — of every single crochet across.* Repeat *to* until the band is the size you need. After finishing the band, you will need to slip stitch the ends of the band together before you begin working on the hat portion.

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Round 1: Place one half-double crochet into the side of each row from the band. (If you have 30 rows in your band, you should also have 30 half-double crochets).

Round 2 & 3: Chain 1 (does not count as a stitch). Place one half-double crochet in same space. *Place one front post double crochet {use video above to learn how} around next stitch. Place one half-double crochet above next stitch.* Repeat from *to* until end of round. Slip stitch into top of first stitch.

Round 4 & 5: Chain 1 (does not count as a stitch). Place one front post double crochet around stitch directly under chain 1. *Place one half-double crochet above next stitch. Place one front post double crochet around next stitch.* Repeat from *to* until end of round. Slip stitch into top of first stitch.

Repeat rounds 2 through 5 until hat is desired length.


To seam together the top of the hat as shown above, turn hat inside out and flatten it to line up the stitches. Single crochet the stitches together, making sure to keep it aligned. Turn hat right side out when done.

Add pom poms to each corner of the top of the hat and you are done!