When it rains…it pours!!

Hey all!! Here I am, yet again…apologizing for my lack of consistency. There’s been a lot going on and my heart just hasn’t been in a sharing mood as of late. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been happening: My most recent employer moved his company to Long Island (which left me jobless) Due to a lack of budgeting and saving for a rainy day…I got evicted from my apartment with my elderly mother and my two kids Currently living in a shelter with my family 95% of my belongings are split between two storage units that I can barely afford (consolidating them wouldn’t solve the immediate problem) I have been searching for a job for the last 6 months with no real prospects in sight (I even applied to fast food restaurants but was told on more than one occasion that I am overqualified) My depression and anxiety are getting the better of me (suffering from depression for 15

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