Yarn Review #2: Caron x Pantone Yarn

This yarn is soft and plush, and comes in a braid! Lol. Caron x Pantone yarn is an elegant substitute for size 5 bulky weight yarn. Although there isn’t a lot of yarn per braid, the color palettes make up for the lack of yardage. It comes in 32 ‘colors’, 7 of which are solid palettes.

Each braid (5 links) weighs 3.5 oz (100 g) and is 127 yards (116 m) in length. The yarn is comprised of 60% acrylic, 20% nylon – for a little stretch – and 20% merino wool – for a luxurious feel. It is machine washable and dry-able, but should not be bleached or ironed.

Caron x Pantone yarn on clearance at Michael’s


I love this yarn because it is so soft. It is perfect for small projects – like my Itty Bitty Bows; and the color palettes are just awesome. The team that worked on these color choices deserves an award. The yarn does not pill, which makes it that much better to work with. Some downsides to this yarn are the fact that it is such a small amount of yarn – larger projects will require a lot of braids and will result in a lot of ends to weave in; and that the yarn strands tend to unravel while I work. Both of these reasons make using the yarn a bit of a task, but it won’t stop me from using this lovely yarn anytime soon.

(2) small hats and (4) mini Itty Bitty Bows made using (2) braids of Caron x Pantone yarn in the Lovely Coral colorway

Hope you guys enjoyed my second yarn review. Enjoy your weekend and be kind to strangers.




Yarn Review #1: Color Made Easy from Lion Brand

Due to some technical difficulties, I am posting this 4 days after I said I would…but I promise the next review will be posted this Friday. Now let’s get into one of my current faves!!!

Color Made Easy is a gorgeous, multiplied yarn whose name says it all. It currently comes in 22 vibrant shades of rich, beautiful colors. It is a size 5 bulky yarn, 100% acrylic and is machine washable AND dry-able!! Each ‘ball’ weights 200 grams (7 oz) and is 247 yards (226 m) in length. This much yarn per ball means you can make a whole lot more for less!

10 round granny square made with a 6mm hook in Color Made Easy – Pale Lilac

Some pros for this yarn:

Vibrant colors; super soft; no pilling; and the amount of yarn you get is just…A LOT!! I can make 5 of my Bhava Earwarmers from one ball of Color Made Easy (2 large, 1 medium, 2 small and there’s enough leftover for a medium-sized bow).

Some cons that I’ve experienced:

Strands tend to untwist while I’m working…which causes snags and some stitches become too tight if not corrected; knots in the middle of my ball of yarn where it looks like one length of yarn was connected to another length of yarn. Other than these two negatives, I have had no issues with this yarn.

I tried Color Made Easy for the first time back in February and was completely struck by the inspiration gods. Lol. I wanted to make so many things. The drape this yarn creates is somewhat soothing. And not having to play yarn chicken with bigger projects is such a plus in my book. You can purchase this yarn from Lion Brand’s website (they are currently having a sale) or from Michael’s (they’re always having a sale, LOL).


Link to Michael’s.com where Color Made Easy is on clearance for $2.97 each

If I had to rate this yarn, I’d give Color Made Easy a 9.5 out of 10 stars.

Have you tried Color Made Easy yarn yet? Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this yarn and my first yarn review.